Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Speeding right along with the sewing thread doily. Here it is with 25 rounds complete, and 7.5 hours elapsed.

Sunburst Pineapple doily

I like crocheting pineapples. They're pretty, easy to figure out what comes next, and nice and orderly. They can verge on too frou-frou when done in excess, though. I think what hooked me with this pattern is the layers of bold zigzaggy lines between the rings of pineapples. Sort of a more modern look than just lots of frilly pineapples.

The second orchid bud opened! Yay! Aren't they pretty?

and then there were two!

And here's a shot of the amaryllis from yesterday. Each flower is fully 8" in diameter.

"Red Lion" amaryllis

I can't wait to see if the first two flowers will last long enough for all five to be open at once! I'm not holding my breath, though. The fifth bud (you can see it there in the middle) is pretty immature still. Four might be possible, though!

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Caroline M said...

That doily is just zipping along, I admire your fortitude (and also your eyesight)

Lovely colours on a grey day.