Sunday, August 28, 2011

Emma and I had a fun day today, in between the normal weekend housecleaning and after a mysterious 103° fever that she developed in the space of 15 minutes yesterday morning. We were at the Farmer's Market, and one minute she was running around with her friends, then she was back sitting with me at my table, then 10 minutes later she was shivering and goosebumpy because she was so cold (it was 90° out), and crying because her head hurt so much. It was very strange. Luckily Shaun stopped by the market and held Emma while she slept until the market was over, then I tucked her into bed when we got home. She was fine by this morning, and was Little Miss Chatty when she crawled into bed with me at 4:00 am. Childhood fevers are strange.

Anyway, she was rarin' to go this morning, so after we did chores, we dyed some wool for her. This was Emma's first time using acid dyes.

Emma dyeing wool

She picked out seven colors, and I did the mixing and she did the pouring. I think she did a great job.

Emma's dyed wool

Into the microwave for steaming, then out into the hot sunny day to dry by dinnertime.

Emma's dyed wool

This is 50 grams of corriedale top, and I love the way it came out. I may have to get her to make a batch for me.

Emma dyeing wool!

The motivation behind dyeing some wool FOR EMMA was an event yesterday at the market (before the rapid-onset fever...). I bring my wheel to the market since it attracts attention to my table, the kids (and grownups) are fascinated by watching me, and it gives me something to do during slow times. Emma wandered over at one point, plopped herself down on my lap, pushed my feet off the treadle, put her feet on the treadle, took the wool out of my hands, and just started spinning. It was amazing.

She has a drop spindle, but gets frustrated with it easily since it backspins and she finds it awkward to keep it going and draft at the same time. We've done park and draft, but she never really thoroughly got the hang of drafting. She would do OK for a minute or so, but then the twist would get away from her and either run into the fiber mass or the singles would drift apart. She found the spindle very frustrating. She has practiced treadling on my wheel, but has never done drafting at the wheel, and certainly NEVER at the same time as treadling.

Emma spinning!

The most amazing thing is, I don't think she has even picked up her spindle in over a year, except for one time after I got back from Sock Summit and was so excited about my new spindles. She hasn't tried or even seemed interested in spinning in a year.

Yesterday she just sat down and started spinning. I was flabbergasted. I guess something just clicked after all those years of watching me, and her fits and starts of practicing. Her yarn is lumpy in spots and somewhat overspun, but so is everyone's first yarn. It just amazes me that she sat down and commenced spinning- no fanfare, no struggling, she just did it.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, is Emma spinning on a Schacht wheel:

I'm so proud of her I could burst.


aknitter said...


Kris said...

Awesome! Her roving is gorgeous. All my favorite colors in one place. :-)

dragonxser said...

fabulous work Emma! and that roving is wonderful!

Claire said...

Emma is amazing!!!! Does she have any plans for her wonderful yarn?

cyndy said...

Woot!! Emma rocks!!

Waited a long time for this video that I knew I would someday see (apple- not falling far from the tree- you know) thank you for sharing it ;0)

She is a natural ...of-course!

So....what is she gonna do with all the yarn she makes?

Cathy said...


I, too, love the roving and how special that she is spinning on your wheel.

PJ said... might have to schedule each others times on the wheel now! She was looking like an expert! That DOES look very relaxing I must say!