Sunday, September 04, 2011

It is almost impossible to remain entirely unhappy when weaving a fancy twill.

woven bookmark

This is another warp of bookmarks.  I dyed the warp green and am using straight white for the weft in all the bookmarks.  All I have to think about is the treadling sequence, and that's just enough to keep my mind busy and unwanted thoughts at bay, without taxing it too much.

woven bookmark

It's my standard bookmark formula: 20/2 silk, 34 epi, in a twill threading and tie-up, with various treadlings.

woven bookmark

I just love watching the pattern emerge, pick by pick.  There's something very satisfying about it.

Everything is very orderly and tidy in a two-color twill.  The lines match up and follow a logical, step by step progression.  Every thread has a place and they all work together to make a harmonious whole.  If you make a mistake, it's easy to see where things went off kilter.  You can go back and fix it and then everything is OK.

My life is not a two-color twill.

woven bookmark


Claire said...

I *have* to get myself a loom! I think of you often and hope there is some progress for you... sounds maybe not :-(

Chris said...

I'm sorry that you're obviously not feeling happy right now - but on the 'silver lining' side: This seems like a beautifully written start to a book of 'fabric art life philosophy'...

un abrazo fuerte,

Anonymous said...

You're in my thoughts whenever I use your bookmarks. Know that you have touched so many with your love of fiber.

I just took out two of your skeins today to start a new project (the royal purple and emerald green) and went online looking for ideas. It's special just looking at, and I hope it turns into something wonderful.


PJ said...

deep post right there... beautiful work on your loom. I love the gentle green color with white. You are so very right life is not just two toned. (esp. for us right now) peace and strength to you I pray