Sunday, August 14, 2011

I filled the Kuchulu again this weekend.  I just can't stop.

another full Kuchulu

I got 16 grams of fiber on it this time, and it is very full.  You can just barely see the tips of the arms sticking out.

very full!

I measured the yardage again, just for fun, and it worked out to 465 yards for the 16 grams.  The singles are about the same size as the last spindleful, but there's an extra gram on the spindle and thus more yardage.  (I'm wondering if I can go for 500?!  Maybe one more gram?)

beautiful colors

I love how the yarn matches the spindle.  This colorway should be called Verawood instead of William.

Of course I started the next batch immediately.  Like I said, resistance is futile!

one down...

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aknitter said...

You are pretty funny! I filled mine up once and have almost filled it up a second time. I'm not getting NEARLY the yardage you are of course. LOVE the green yarn.