Friday, August 12, 2011

Well that didn't take long. I had to pop open another of my Sock Summit purchases and start spinning. Resistance is futile when faced with the Kuchulu.

Next up!

This is the 59 gram bundle of Bunny Patch Fiber by New Hue Handpuns, in colorway William.  Beautiful earthy greens and browns, made of 80% merino and 20% angora.  Lovely.

Also, I found the perfect size tin to make a travel case for an assembled Kuchulu!  My initial idea, when I went rummaging in my pantry, was to use a tin that came with flavored nuts as part of a Christmas basket several years ago.  It was too big (but would be good for carrying a spindle plus a bunch of fiber, hmmm...).  Then I saw this, a tea tin from Pelindaba Lavender on San Juan Island, Washington.  The tea now resides in a jam jar, and the tin is in my spinning kit. It fits the spindle perfectly, with room for some fiber for padding.

Spinny spinny spin...

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skate said...

Color me green with envy - have fun!