Saturday, January 14, 2012

For the longest time, I didn't really understand why anyone would own more than one spinning wheel.  They take up space, and you can't spin on more than one at a time, anyway.  Get one wheel that you love, and enjoy it fully.

When I bought my Schacht, there was no question that I would sell the Ashford I had.  I had no need for two wheels.  I was perfectly fine with this.  Then I realized that with two spinners in the house, it was OK to have two wheels.  So I got Emma's wheel, and was perfectly fine with two wheels in the living room.

Now though, I'm thinking that having a second wheel in the house may not be the good thing I thought it would be.  Now that it's here, I realize that it's really not that bad, having two wheels.  Kind of fun, actually.  And that is dangerous.  Because if having two wheels is OK, then maybe three would be OK, too.

I also realized that with a higher wheel-to-spinner ratio, it would be possible to have more than one spinning project on the go at a time. Tired of spinning ridiculously fine laceweight from combed top?  No problem, just bring out the other wheel and spin up some lofty sweater-weight from beautiful batts!

Even with two wheels, though, we're still at a 1:1 ratio of wheels to spinners...and for some reason, Emma would rather spin on her wheel herself than let me play with it.  Her own wheel, and she wants to use it herself, can you imagine?!

So I am firmly reminding myself that I have never ever been unhappy with my Schacht Matchless, it spins any kind of yarn that I want it to, it's compact, and very versatile.  I'm sure that Emma will eventually let me spin on her wheel, and I really need to stop thinking about where I would put a third wheel.

It helps a bit that the wheels I can't stop thinking about are big.  My dream wheel is the Schacht-Reeves 30" Saxony, with the Lendrum Saxony running a close second.  They are way too big for any space I have in my house.  Way too big.

Too big too big too big too big too big too big too big too big.


aknitter said...

I think wheels are like jello... there's always room for more! It was lovely having 3 wheels in your house today.....

Valerie said...

Uhm...I have three wheels and only one spinner in the household. It works for me. So well in fact that I am considering purchasing a Hansen Mini-spinner, which wouldn't take up much space at all. I'm hoping it will alleviate my longtime craving for a Jensen 30" production wheel, which would definitely take up more space.

Rachel said...

I personally think Anne is a bad influence on both of us.


cyndy said... is a slippery slope!

But so much fun on the slide down :-D