Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All morning, through getting myself and Emma up and out the door, driving her to school and myself to work, and sitting here at my desk for a half hour, I've felt sort of off kilter.  Everything was just...off.  I was having trouble focussing, like I had been up until 3:00am again, except this time I HADN'T!  I had a good night last night, went to bed before midnight and stayed asleep all night. (Tension Tamer tea at 10:00pm! Yay!) Still, I had that off-balance, weird feeling.

I took my contacts out and rinsed them, then finally made the connection.

It's a very disconcerting feeling to have your contacts in the wrong eyes, especially considering they are two different prescriptions and one of them is a toric lens.


(I've done this before.  You'd think I would learn...)


aknitter said...

At least it was an easy fix!!! Glad you got a good night's sleep. It's important.

katierizzio said...

At least you didn't put them both in the same eye. That would make you feel really off kilter. Not that I have any personal experience with this mind you. Oh no.

PJ said...

My daughter has the same issue! ..really bothersome thing to switch! ...much less having to buy TWO boxes everytime