Saturday, January 21, 2012

A spinning wheel with a 30" drive wheel really isn't THAT much bigger than a wheel with a 22" drive wheel, right?


OK, so I measured and compared to Emma's Ashford Traditional wheel... Overall, a Schacht Reeves 30" Saxony wheel is 11" longer, 5" taller, and 6" wider.

That's not so bad.

(Stop it, Sue.  Stop it, stop it, stop it.)


yoko said...

Oh, just get another wheel. You know you want it. :)

cyndy said...

11" longer, 5" taller, and 6" wider...but OH what difference it makes.

the 31.5 inch drive wheel on my CPW caused me to use my Ashford Traddy as a plying machine.

I can see it isn't going to take much to push you over the edge.

Cathy said...

Cyndy is so right - that larger wheel is wonderful. I use my smaller wheels for plying now, too.

And I have 4. Sometimes you just have to realize it's all about having fun!!

Ditto with the sugar. But I love choc ice cream in my coffee. Go figure.