Friday, February 10, 2012

new teas to try

I had way too much fun on the Stash Tea website last weekend, and received my order yesterday.  I got smallish samples of several plain and flavored black and oolong teas, a big pack of mint, and a couple white teas to try just because I've never had white tea before. About half my selections are in tea bags, the rest is loose-leaf.  Not pictured is the Coconut Mango oolong that I already took to work, and the Darjeeling that they forgot to send.

I've only tried a couple kinds so far, but WHOA! One knocked my socks off.

Do you like floral teas? Dragon Phoenix Pearls jasmine white tea. Seriously, get some now.

It's intensely fragrant, smooth, sweet, and not at all bitter. It's one of the more expensive kinds I bought, but you can infuse two or three cups from the same leaves, so it works out about the same (or less, even) as a single-use tea bag.

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