Monday, April 02, 2012

I've been busy for the past several weekends, dyeing, dyeing, dyeing.  I've done sock yarn and top, but mostly top since that lovely box arrived, one week ago today.  This afternoon, Emma and I finished chaining up the batch of top that I dyed over the weekend.  No picture of the sock yarn yet, but look at this:

new dyeing

That is 20 100-gram bundles, a total of almost five pounds of lovely merino top.

new dyeing

It dyes wonderfully, takes color like a dream, and is so squishable.  I even managed to avoid felting any of it! (I have a problem with wanting to fiddle with things when they're in the dyepot...)

new dyeing, with a smile

"Color with a Smile", that's our motto.

new dyeing

I love them all, but see that purple one?  That one's mine.  ;-)

new dyeing

I just love color.

In other news, LOOOOOOOK!  Look look look!

last week of waiting!

Yay!  Almost all the squares are crossed out!  My wheel is shipping this week!

Today was the earliest day that they said it could be shipping, and I just couldn't stand it any more.  I broke down and called the dealer I ordered it from, to see if Schacht was still on schedule. She called Schacht, and while they are running a bit behind, they should be shipping it out this week!  She said they are doing the "final tweaking" on my wheel, and assembling my bobbins!!

It's really real!  It's almost ready!


Rachel said...

Wow--you have been busy!! It looks great. I can see why you are drawn to that purple...lovely color! Now, what I need to know is what dye did you use to get that dark orange on the far left (last picture of fiber). That's what I wanted to achieve for my friend and didn't even come close (came out pinkish even though I was using orange dye). See you tonight...may have wheel in hand...haven't decided.

kt said...

so purty!

aknitter said...

Good thing you already claimed the purple or I'd be lusting after it!..... What a color-fest!

cyndy said...


Beautious Roving!

Emma's smile is contagious ;o)

Looks like you will be ready when the Schacht arrives!