Tuesday, April 10, 2012

OK, so first there was this,

New Schacht-Reeves wheel

and this,

New Schacht-Reeves wheel

then all the pieces were accounted for

New Schacht-Reeves wheel

and then I had this.

New Schacht-Reeves wheel

And really, I see no need to ever leave the house again.

New Schacht-Reeves wheel


S.Kate said...

She's a beauty - Congrats and Enjoy!

June said...

So happy for you! Enjoy the ride!

Beth said...

Enjoy! I love my Schacht-Reeves for everything but plying. Something about it makes the wheel throw the drive band 9 times out of 10. I think I need to try Scotch tension...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! Bet you are flying!

Laritza said...

Replying to Beth on the SR throwing the drive band, when you ply you have to reverse the drive band. Look at how its crossing, reverse it for plying. I hope you see this.