Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yes, loving the new wheel.  It's everything I hoped it would be.  I am perfectly happy with my choice of 30" drive wheel, single treadle, flyer-on-the-right, and ash wood.  All day long, I was (mentally) sitting at it chortling and rubbing my hands together gleefully.

First bobbin, continued

It's a dream to spin. I spun for three hours last night (one at home, then two at Crafty Night), and accomplished about a third of a bobbin of very fine merino singles, a total of 33 grams.

Oh, yes, I took the Schacht-Reeves to Crafty Night.  It's a highly non-portable wheel, but I couldn't not spin on it the very first night I had it, and besides, I had to show my friends!  It will stay at home from now on.

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