Monday, April 16, 2012

Today I ran three miles during my lunch break.  Had a nice warm shower when I got back, thanks to the foresight of the company when they designed our office addition and included a shower in one of the restrooms.  Feeling very energized and pleasantly tired now.  Love that post-run glow.

I just finished my lunch, which was a container of chicken and vegetable stew that I made yesterday, a raspberry greek yogurt (Fage brand, yum) and a glorious mug of jasmine tea.  What a flavor-fest.

It was a very good lunch break.


Pj said...

WOW! three miles? you say that like it was so easy ;) That was just great..I need to do that type of exercise that leaves that comfortably tiring afterglow for sure :)

aknitter said...

Good for you!!! I need to work harder to get there! Rach and I just hiked part way up to Morgan Lake.... I sort of have that afterglow! Feels good.