Saturday, April 14, 2012

Here is the flock:

the flock

Left to right, Emma's 1970s Ashford Traditional, my 1988 Schacht Matchless, and my 2012 Schacht-Reeves.

Happy sigh. They're all lovely.

Here's the nameplate, in shiny brass:

new Schacht-Reeves

I'm so glad I got this in ash wood instead of cherry.  Everyone goes gaga for cherry (and it is beautiful wood!), but I prefer light woods, and the grain pattern on the ash is gorgeous.

new Schacht-Reeves

Here's the back of the wheel, with the shiny brass crank.

new Schacht-Reeves

That leather bearing at the top of the footman (above the keyhole and crank end) made a hysterical chirping noise last Tuesday at Crafty Night, until I put some carnauba wax on the leather.  I've never had a completely new wheel before.  I love that except for the test drive in the factory, I'm spinning this wheel's first yarn.  It spins so smoothly and quietly now that I have all the adjustments tweaked.

And FAST!  Lookie here:

new Schacht-Reeves

The first 100 grams is done!  I wound it off onto storage bobbins this afternoon, and will ply tomorrow.  Very fine singles, spun with effortless long draw, faster than I've ever spun singles this fine before.  This wheel just flies.

In addition to the speed, I am really enjoying having the flyer hooks on the same side and staggered.  It makes it much easier to fill a bobbin without having peaks and valleys.  I didn't mess with that bobbin at all for the photo shoot, that's how it filled!

And lest you be concerned that my Matchless won't be getting any love now that I have a shiny new toy, fear not.  The pretty purple Merino top that I dyed a couple weeks ago...

merino on the Schacht Matchless

is becoming very fine singles.  Not as fast as on the new wheel, granted, but the Matchless is a pleasure to spin on.

merino on the Schacht Matchless

It's all good.


Laritza said...

I got the Schacht Reeves for my birthday last year, one year late because I wanted it for the big 5 but it came when it had to come. I love it! I also got the ash, in just a year it already has a lovely patina starting to develop. Lovely yarn too!

Claire said...

Gorgeous!!! I'm so excited for you :-)