Thursday, May 17, 2012

Clearly, something in the operational sequence of my life needs to be revamped. 
  1. Wake up.  Groan and hit the alarm clock because it really can't be time to get up already.
  2. Take daughter to school.
  3. Work all day.
  4. Pick up daughter from after school care.
  5. Go to grocery store because there is no food in the house for dinner or lunch tomorrow, and it really can't be put off any longer.
  6. Spend $140 on no-frills healthy food.
  7. Go home and put everything away.
  8. Realize that I'm too exhausted to consider cooking anything.
  9. Order pizza. 
Ridiculous.  I finally have healthy food begging to be prepared and I order a pizza.  Sometimes I am inordinately grateful that I can order pizza online in a few clicks, and they bring it to me, ready to eat immediately.

It's a sad state of affairs. 

(I remember the first time I watched the movie "The Net" and was so amazed that Sandra Bullock ordered a pizza via her computer.  That was like, whoah, amazing!  Science fiction!  How could that ever be possible?!)

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PJ said...

Hear 'ya.