Friday, July 06, 2012

Ahhhh!  I've been without a computer for two weeks!  I don't think I've been computer-less since... I don't even know when.
  • no email (except by stealth at work), 
  • no Googling interesting things,
  • no downloading geocaches to my GPS,
  • no Pinterest,
  • no spelling/math practice websites for Emma,
  • no downloading pictures from my camera,
  • no Ravelry,
  • no blog-reading,
  • no bank-account-checking to make sure everything's hunky-dory,
  • no changing around the music on my iPod,
  • no Google Earth browsing,
  • no designing weaving drafts,

It's appalling how dependent on my computer I am.

The good news is that the computer wasn't dead.  The fan stopped working because it had cat hair in it {blush}.  The computer gurus opened up the back, took out the fan, removed enough fur to make a small kitten, and put it back together.  Voila- my computer works again!  The only part that ticks me off is that they had the computer in their shop for TWO WEEKS while they looked for a supplier that had a replacement fan in stock, without even opening it up to see if it actually needed to be replaced.

Anyway, I have oodles of pictures to download and go through, then I'll have more geocaching adventures to show!

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aknitter said...

Welcome back!!!