Saturday, July 07, 2012

Before I get to the adventure pictures, I have to post some glamor shots.  Last night, Emma and I had a hairdresser moment.

She's been talking for a while about cutting her hair, and last night she decided that she was ready.  Actually, she was ready last week, but I made her wait a few days to make sure she was ready.

(Actually, I made her wait because I wasn't ready.  I finally just cut it, because I was never going to be ready.)


She loves it, and I must admit that it's easier to manage.  She. Has. So. Much. Hair.  She can actually brush it by herself, now.

haircut 2

I miss the waterfall of golden silk, though.

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PJ said...

Your daughter is so beautiful!! wow..that was a lot of hair! Love how she is pointing to her 'happy face' on her shirt! Good job to both of you :)