Saturday, September 08, 2012

Last weekend, Emma and I escaped to the woods.  Everything is better in the woods.  She and I both had Labor Day off from work/school, so we went camping for two nights!

(Working the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings means that from May to October, I only get one free day per weekend, and therefore can't really go far from home. I miss 2-day weekends.  One-night camping trips seem like a lot of work for a short time away.)

Anyway, the extra day off meant that we could finally trek over to the upper Imnaha River and camp and hike.  It was awesome.

Blue Hole

This is Blue Hole, a spot where the Imnaha River goes through a narrow gorge.

 Blue Hole

There's a deep pool, and it is thoroughly, entirely, completely beautiful.  This is the view from the top of the cliff, near where we bagged a geocache.  Of course this was also a geocaching trip!

This is the view at river level, upstream through the gorge, showing the deep pool.  Earlier in the year, before the water starts cooling off, this is apparently a perfect swimming hole.  When we were there the water was painfully frigid (even though the air temperature was in the 80s), but Emma and I plan to test this theory next July. 

Blue Hole

The pool was stuffed with salmon.  None of which, of course, I was able to photograph.  They were there, though!

Blue Hole

Blue Hole

It took us about an hour to hike the three miles from the campground to Blue Hole, and another hour back.  We spent about three hours at Blue Hole, playing on the beach...

Blue Hole

watching the dragonflies (Variable Darner, Aeschna interrupta) zooming around and sunning on the beach,

dragonfly at Blue Hole

and just generally enjoying being outside.  This is the view downstream- not a bad way to spend an afternoon...

Blue Hole

What a great weekend.

me and my girl

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What a lovely place!!! Thanks for sharing..