Sunday, May 31, 2015

Garden pretties, and some weather

Today started off with a triumph.

Oh yum.

Strawberry harvest!

First strawberry harvest!

Sun-warmed and sweet, they were delicious.  The revised netting structure seems to be working.  Now to make it a little sturdier and user-friendly.

Also of note in the garden today are developing blueberries.  It won't be a huge harvest this year, but definitely something to look forward to.


Coco the house kitty enjoyed a morning in the back yard while Emma and I savored our strawberries.

Coco, the blissfully happy house kitty, surveys her wild domain.

The alyssum in the half barrel is thriving.  I love alyssum.  It's such an unassuming little plant, but  when you get close it's so pretty and has such a nice scent.  And the bees absolutely love it.

Sweet alyssum, so sweet

The marigolds that I bought in a 6-cell pack and planted in the half barrels last month are really established and starting to bloom now.  Of all the marigolds, I love the red and gold ones the best.

Gold and red marigolds are the best.

We had a lovely morning in the garden.  Then we went out to lunch, and I had to go into work for a while.  On a Sunday, yes.  Ugh.  Ah well at least I finished what I needed to do.

The plan was to head home, mow the grass, and pull a few weeds.  But on our way home it started to rain, then pour.  And then it started to hail, always a fun diversion!


It wasn't as big as the hail we had a couple years ago, which Emma still talks about, but it was still quite respectably marble-sized.


It only lasted a few minutes, but of course we were out there in it!  Not to worry, this was taken shortly before I got the umbrella over Emma.  I learned my lesson last time- chunks of ice falling on the noggin hurt!


Pretty cool.


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