Saturday, July 11, 2015

Canning cherries

I finished processing the last of the cherries this afternoon.  I decided to can most of them, since that way they're shelf-stable and not taking up freezer space.

Load 1 of 2, quarts of sweet cherries in extra-light syrup.

I did a total of 14 quarts of pitted cherries in extra-light syrup. It was quick and easy, and these will be great just as they are, or in smoothies, over ice cream, in quick bread, or thickened up for pie.  Yum.

Aren't they beautiful!

14 quarts of sweet cherries!

There was about a gallon and a half of cherries left over after the two canner-loads, and I froze those. I still have one bag left from last year, but would definitely miss having frozen cherries on hand if I didn't do another couple bags this year!

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