Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tomato Annex and herb harvesting

Emma and I went up to the Tomato Annex this morning to check things out.  We haven't been up there for over a week, and holy cow!  The tomatoes are going crazy!

The Tomato Annex

That picture was taken after a round of tying up (and staking the three plants that weren't staked yet) and pruning out a big pile of suckers.

Speaking of suckers, this is hilarious.  The plant in the back left corner was originally an Oregon Spring that I started from seed.  It was always the runtiest one, but I planted it anyway because I had room.  It continued to be puny, even after the rest started to take off.

About two weeks ago, I was fed up with that plant, and pulled it out.  In its place, I grabbed a largish sucker that I had just pruned off the plant in the center of the front row. It was about 10 inches long, and had four sets of leaves.  I cut off the bottom two sets of leaves and just stuck it straight into the ground (leaving 5" and two sets of leaves visible above the surface).  Nothing else.  It got watered with the rest of the plants, but nothing special.

Today, just two weeks later, it's over a foot tall and has flowers. Tomatoes are amazing plants.

Mystery tomato planted from a pruned sucker

Also exciting up at the tomato annex are the San Marzano tomatoes I started from seed.  They have fruits!  I'm very much looking forward to putting up some tomato paste from these and the Amish Paste tomatoes I have in my yard.

San Marzano tomatoes!

I was also excited to see how much the basil has grown in a week's time.  Ready to harvest again!


The Basil Annex, pre-harvest

And after.

The Basil Annex. post-harvest

And also... cucumbers!  The plants are getting big.

The Cucumber Annex

And there were three cukes ready to harvest!  I can't wait until the tomatoes start and I can make BCT sandwiches (bacon, cucumber, and tomato).

Cucumbers, yum!

So here's our harvest for today, including some herbs from the deck planters.

Today's harvest.

Cucumbers, basil, lemon balm, oregano, and four kinds of mint.

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