Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tomatoes and rain

A Tomato Watch update:

Getting so close.

The Black Krims are getting soooo close.

A couple Amish Paste tomatoes are distinctly reddish now.

Visibly red

And on the rain barrel front, a weekend of off and on showers and a couple good rains nearly filled them! The storm on Sunday filled a third of all three barrels in 20 minutes!

Nearly full rain barrels!

There's roughly 125 gallons of water stored there.  I haven't had to water anything since last week, but the inaugural watering will probably happen later this week.

I know these barrels won't come close to filling all my garden water needs for a season, especially considering that La Grande typically gets very little rain during the summer to fill the barrels, but every bit helps, right?  That's 125 gallons of water I won't be taking out of the city's municipal drinking water supply.


Anne said...

Ive been away for a few days camping and just read through a whole bunch of new posts. I'm a bit worn out with all the garden activity!!! So productive. i can see the shelves in the basement filling up with jars of beautiful colors. Your rain collection systems is awesome. I bought a diverter, but have yet to install it. Soon. Just got home, so need to go check on MY garden progress. It's not NEARLY as abundant, but nice just the same.

Suz said...

Those tomatoes look great!
Weirdly, my tomatoes are going gangbusters this years, but my squash (even though the plants are huge) just can't bother to produce.