Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jasmine tincture

Last night my jasmine plant was the most flowery it has ever been.  It had nine flowers open!  My room smelled wonderful.

Most floriferous night of jasmine yet.

This morning, as usual, I picked all the flowers and added them to the tincture I have going. I add the flowers the morning after they open, so I can enjoy them inside at night.

Jasmine harvest.

I only leave the flowers in for a day or so, since that's all it takes to extract their fragrance. This group brings the total to 40 flowers.

It's been almost a month now, with a flower or two a day, and you can see how the alcohol has changed from perfectly clear to faintly green.  The scent in the alcohol is still quite faint, but it's definitely recognizable as jasmine now.

Adding to the jasmine tincture.

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