Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Houston, we have a problem.

The biggest plant up at the Tomato Annex is being pulled over by the weight of its fruit.  See that one at the far end of the row?  Eek!  There will be remedial staking tomorrow.

Houston, we have a problem. Leaning tower of tomatoes.

However, the tomatoes are really starting to ripen well. The first Mortgage Lifters have been picked.

Mortgage Lifter tomatoes

These are more pink than red-orange like the other varieties I've gotten so far.  They have really, really good flavor, and they're nice and meaty.

Beautiful Mortgage Lifter tomatoes.

The Oregon Springs have also finally started to ripen.  I was hoping that these would start coming in earlier than the rest so I could get an early-season tomato fix, but I guess that only works if you plant them out earlier.  It's not so much that they mature faster, it's that they tolerate cool weather at the beginning of the season better and get a jump on the growing.

The flavor on these isn't anything outstanding, and they're sort of mealy.  They're actually disappointingly like a mid-winter grocery store tomato...pretty, but bland.  I won't plant these again.

Oregon Spring tomatoes

So here's today's harvest.  Emma's favorite is still the little Black Krim tomatoes, the burgundy and green ones on the right edge of the pile.  She eats them out of hand, and they rarely even make it into the house.

Hooray for tomatoes!

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