Monday, August 17, 2015

Tatted earrings

I made the first pair last night, the white ones with green/blue/purple beads on the top right.  Then I made the other two pairs tonight, one for me (teal) and one for Emma (white with transparent green beads).

It's a badly glare-ridden picture, sorry.  It was already dark out and I was trying to get a good picture with my task light.

Tatted earrings

The teal is #80 tatting cotton, more stash from my grandma, and the white is cheap #30 crochet thread, probably from Walmart or a thrift store.  The beads are 11/0 seed beads.  The pattern is free on the internet, here.

The quality of the thread makes a huge difference in the ease of tatting.  The white thread is fuzzy and rough, and is hard to pull through the stitches to close the rings.  The #80 thread, despite being smaller and harder to count the stitches, is infinitely easier to use since I don't have to coax it along.  It doesn't matter so much for crochet, but for tatting you really need a nice smooth thread.  I'm going to stash the Coats thread back in the closet and pull out a ball of DMC Cebelia, which is much higher quality.

I'm having so much fun!

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Abigail said...

I love all the tatting! I used to teach tatting back where we used to live and it was always so fun watching people learn 'the flip' for the first time.
I don't remember if you mentioned it but have been to Handy Hands? (
they are favorite resource for all things tatting, their thread selection is amazing.
also if you have not surfed through Jane Eborall's website yet you are totally missing out, I love all her fun patterns and she has such a great sens of humor and way of explaining new techniques. (