Monday, August 31, 2015

This child of mine...

It's really amazing what different personalities Emma and I have. She was practicing her flute tonight, and chose to do it on the front porch.  I did some stealth photography.

Emma practicing flute on the front porch.

When I was in junior high and playing the viola, I preferred to do my practicing in my room with the door closed so that no one could hear me.  I mean, I'm sure that my family could hear me, since the walls were just regular walls, but in my mind I was in a bubble of silence and no one could hear me make any mistakes.  That would be soooo embarrassing!

But here's Emma, quite unconcernedly playing her flute on the front porch for the whole neighborhood to hear.  She makes the occasional mistake, but just repeats the measure and carries on.

Emma practicing flute on the front porch.

It's quite enchanting.

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