Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tatting smaller and smaller

I'm still on the tatting run, and here's what I've been doing.

More tatting. Size 30, 40, and 100 threads.

The earrings are made with #30 thread, the two snowflakes on the left are made with #40 thread (from published patterns), and the two pieces on the right are made with #100 thread.

Because I am just that insane.

I think the one on the top right  will grow up to be a larger doily, but I'm designing it as I go along and I'm not really sure where it wants to go from here.  Who knows, maybe it will just stay where it is and become a Christmas tree ornament.  The one on the bottom right was the first round of a snowflake designing experiment that went badly awry; the second round didn't work out at all so I cut it off, but the first round was nice and will be used for another try.

Tatting with super fine thread is actually easier than crocheting with the same thread, I think.  You don't have to get a hook into the teeny tiny stitches with tatting, except to join in the picots which is entirely manageable.

And here's a random garden picture- the first Clark's Heavenly Blue morning glory opened today.  Isn't it beautiful!  I'm a little disappointed that the morning glories didn't take off like I had hoped they would.  I think the spot where I planted them just gets too hot.

The first Clark's Heavenly Blue morning glory

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Anne said...

Yes, you are insane!!!! The morning Glory is GLORIOUS. I love them and have never had any luck growing them.