Thursday, October 08, 2015

Spinzilla Day 3

Here's my Day 3 result from yesterday:

Spinzilla Day 3: 5.5 oz merino singles, 0.7 oz Abstract Fiber yak/silk singles

I didn't have much time to spin last night, so I only got 5.5 oz of merino singles and 0.7 oz of the yak/silk blend from Abstract Fibers spun.

The yak/silk is gorgeous fiber, but is spinning very slowly.  It really doesn't like long draw, which is odd since yak normally works very well with that technique.  I think the yak and silk fibers are just too different in length.  I may bail on this fiber for Spinzilla, just measure what I've already spun, and offload it to a storage bobbin.  It will be spectacular yarn, but I'm after speed this week.

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