Friday, October 09, 2015

Spinzilla Day 4

Here's the result from Day 4 yesterday.

Spinzilla Day 4: 3 oz BamHuey Wisteria singles, and 4 oz merino/silk dyed by me, 1720 yds 2-ply

Yesterday was possibly my most productive day of spinning in my entire life.  This is 4 oz of a 70/30 merino/silk blend that I dyed last year, and 3 oz of BamHuey merino/bamboo.  While that's not much in terms of weight, these are both spun pretty fine, and the merino/silk is already plied.

I couldn't stand the suspense and had to measure that yarn right after I plied it, and it came out at 1,720 yards. Almost a mile, finished length. In one day.  Plus the other singles.

Feeling pretty chuffed.


Rachel said...

I'm going to ignore for the moment how much you spun in one's ridiculous. i'm seriously in love with the one you dyed. any of that left over to be sold? ;)

I owe you an email and an update on return date...soon I promise. What's up that it's busier after the field season is over???

Sue said...

Sorry Rachel, that was a one-off. I think it was the leftovers from three dye mixes dumped together.