Sunday, October 11, 2015

Spinzilla Day 6

Here's what I did yesterday on Day 6:

Spinzilla Day 6: 6.5 oz of alpaca/silk singles

I finished spinning the bundle of alpaca/silk into singles, and somehow managed to fit it all on one bobbin.

I also wound it off into a ball last night, in preparation for plying, and it barely fit on the ball winder.

Spinzilla Day 6: 6.5 oz alpaca/silk singles

I was planning to ply this into one skein, but there's no way it will fit on either one of my Schacht wheel bobbins after it's plied.  I have a jumbo flyer for Emma's Ashford, and may dig that out if I have time.  Then I can say I used all three of my wheels during Spinzilla!

Time is ticking away on my last day, so I'd better get to it!

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