Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Minerva amaryllis

Today the first of my amaryllis blooms for the season opened.  This is the variety 'Minerva'.

'Minerva' amaryllis. First bloom for me.

I tried to get one of these last year from BiMart, but the bulb I got was mislabled and turned out to be yet another 'Red Lion'.  Seems like these cheap mass marketed bulbs are often jumbled up, because three times I've gotten a 'Red Lion' instead of the variety I was trying to buy ('Minerva' twice, 'Apple Blossom' once).  So now I have four 'Red Lion' bulbs.  Ah well, they're pretty too.

But I'm stubborn, and this time I was successful!  I have a 'Minerva'! We'll see how the 'Apple Blossom' I bought this year turns out...

I love the way amaryllis flowers look like they are covered in diamond dust.  They sparkle in the sun.

'Minerva' amaryllis closeup

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