Sunday, January 10, 2016

New old roasting pan

One of the things I brought back from Kansas was my mom's large covered oval roasting pan.  I don't think it's super old, and it's certainly not some fancy expensive one, but it was Mom's.  I've wanted one of these for ages, but could never justify it since I got a large rectangular roasting pan as a wedding present oh so long ago.  I don't need a cover every time I roast something, but when I do it's a pain to try and piece together foil to make one. Plus, I hate the handles on the rectangular one and end up burning myself every time I use it.

But now I have a roasting pan with a cover and handles that don't burn me!  I think it's time for the rectangular pan that I never liked to go away.

This afternoon I put Mom's pan to good use, with two smallish chickens and a pile of carrots and potatoes roasted into deliciousness.  I started it off covered for 30 minutes, to steam the veggies and cook the meat faster, then uncovered it for the last hour to brown everything.

Roast chickens and veggies in my mom's roaster. Dinner plus lunches for the week accomplished!

That right there is dinner for tonight, plus five lunches for me and possibly a dinner or two during the week, plus a pot of chicken stock from the bones next weekend .  I love being efficient.

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