Saturday, February 20, 2016


It's about six months later than I intended, but I finally got around to bottling the tinctures/extracts I made last summer.  Part of the problem was that I didn't have any bottles, but mostly I was just lazy.

I ordered a case of 4-ounce cobalt glass bottles from Mountain Rose Herbs this week, and they arrived yesterday.  They're so pretty!  I tried to take a picture with the sun shining through them, but it ended up being mostly glare.  Still, I think you can get the effect.

Blue bottles for extracts.

I strained out the plant matter this afternoon, and ended up with two and a half bottles of lemon verbena extract, one and a half bottles of peppermint extract, and half a bottle of lavender extract.

The lemon verbena came out very nice, and is quite lemony.  The peppermint is good and strong.  The lavender is very, very, VERY strong, almost too strong to even taste.  I don't really know what I'm going to use the lavender for because it's so strong, but we'll see. It'll be interesting to see if a few drops in a recipe gives a non-overpowering lavender flavor.  It may have been better if I hadn't left the plant matter to infuse in the alcohol for six months...

I think the first experiment will be a batch of lemon verbena cookies next weekend.


Rachel said...

Save me just 1 cookie please. Seriously. I have quite a number of recipes that use lavender...I bet there are plenty of options where adding a drop or two would make a great addition but not be too overpowering. Can't wait to hear more about this as you use them...will need to experiment myself next time I'm home for the summer.

Mary said...

Try a drop of lavender (you may need to mix it into some carrier oil first) on the bottom of each big toe at bedtime. I rub my hands together after applying it and then rub my hands on the back of my neck. It knocks me out to the best sleep ever. You could also try diffusing it or adding a few drops to bath water. I don't have any experience making it (I buy the essential oil at Whole Foods) but I'm guessing the extracts you made are along the same principle. I'm also guessing you know way more about this than I do!