Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So un-hip.

Skinny jeans. 

I just don't understand them. 

How are they possibly comfortable, or even remotely tolerable?

How do you even get your feet through the legs to put them on?

I am an un-hip old fuddy-duddy. 

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Mary said...

I struggle with wanting to look presentable and current and my real lifestyle (retired grandmother who gardens, knits, spins, cooks and (cough, cough) cleans the house).

I'm not exactly a size 6 but I wear skinny jeans in the winter cause they tuck into my knee high boots so well. If you get a good fit, they work. The problem is to get a good fit, one must go shopping. I'd rather stick a fork in my eye!! Jeans are one garment I haven't tried to sew.

"Fashion" is so much easier in the warmer months. I love sewing voile skirts out of cotton and pairing them with tees that have a little shape. Or cami's when our Georgia temps soar.