Sunday, April 17, 2016

Critter's first outing

It was a lovely sunny day today, and in between taking care of yard chores and laundry, Emma and I took Critter for his first outing to the back yard.

But first I had to mow the lawn so we wouldn't lose him, and Emma had to pick some dandelions before I mowed. There were plenty (ha!) for a crown and a bouquet.

Dandelion princess

After the grass was back to a manageable height, we brought Critter out.  So many new things to see!

Critter enjoying the sun

Emma made him a dandelion chain too.

Enjoying the sun

Surveying his domain...

Critter enjoying the sun, with a dandelion chain

Lots of new things to see, and he especially had to keep a close eye on all the birds flying overhead.

Critter enjoying the sun

We had some quality Vitamin D time together.

Snooze in the sun

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