Thursday, April 14, 2016

An unexpected amaryllis

My sixth amaryllis of the season opened yesterday, and yet again, is is a mislabeled bulb.  But it is very, very pretty!

Amaryllis 'Flair'

Actually, it has been mislabeled twice.  This was the bulb I had marked as Red Lion 2014. I thought it had bloomed for me before (which is why I labeled it Red Lion) but apparently not, because I've never seen this flower before.

I bought this expecting it was Apple Blossom (the 2014 expected-Minerva turned out to be Red Lion).  Since it is clearly not Apple Blossom, the bulb company did the first mislabel.  Evidently it didn't bloom for me in 2014 or 2015, and when I finally got around to sticking labels in my pots this year, I assumed that it was Red Lion, not realizing that it hadn't bloomed yet. So I mislabeled it too.  (But let's face it, Red Lion is a pretty good assumption for any of the mass marketed box bulbs until you actually see it bloom.)

It was a really nice surprise when it opened!  It's a lovely peachy-salmon color, and I'm pretty sure it's the variety named Flair. This is a less-common variety, and one of the few in the peach color range.  I'm very happy with it!

Amaryllis 'Flair'

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