Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Terrarium update 5.11.16

It's time for a terrarium update, because it's been a while, I've added some stuff, and things are growing.

I'm particularly pleased with how the non-orchid plants in the tank are growing.  This is Peperomia caespitosa, and when I put it in the tank it was one little spindly little stringy stem about three inches long,with twelve pallid leaves and no patterning.  Now it's sending out exploratory runners everywhere and the leaves are coloring up beautifully.  You can also see that the moss on the background is starting to spread.


This is Peperomia tovariana, and while this started with a bit bigger piece than the caespitosa so it looked fuller from the beginning, it has also doubled in size and started sending out runners.


The third peperomia in the tank is Peperomia reptans, and while it isn't spreading as fast as the others, it's starting to trail and has doubled in length.  Then again, the leaves on this one are about five times the size of the other two so it's good that it's growing slower.  You can see the Peperomia caespitosa leaves there on the left.


There's a fourth peperomia in the tank that I added about a month ago, Peperomia Banos Ecuador, but it's behind the log and I couldn't get a picture.  It has larger leaves like the reptans, but round and with nice dark and light green mottling.  I'll have to get a picture of that some other time.

Last close up for today.  This is a Selaginella, a club moss, and it came with three fronds: the tallest, the one that is turning brown on the tips, and the mid-sized one on the left.  It now has at least four new shoots starting at the bottom.  The patch of Schistochila (a liverwort) around the base of the Selaginella has also grown a bit.


So now a comparison!  This is the tank when I first planted it on February 14, 2016.

My 12x12x18 terrarium planted with miniature orchids, miniature peperomias, miniature ferns, mosses, liverworts, and selaginella.

And this is the tank today!  Can you spot all the differences?

Terrarium update 5.11.16

And in case you were wondering which plant is what, here's a labeled picture.

terrarium update 5.11

I am very much enjoying this terrarium.

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Rachel said...

I think this is very cool (and I had meant to look, in person, at all your plants before I left and well...). And now you start gardening...