Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Warning: Squirmy Bug Alert

Today we took delivery of 1,000 superworms, 300 phoenix worms, 250 waxworms, and 25 hornworms.  It's way cheaper to buy in bulk online than in the pet store, especially considering the closest pet store is an hour and a half away.  Even with shipping, it was significantly cheaper, like less than a quarter of what I would have paid in the store for this amount.  Plus, now there's no need to worry about running out any time soon...

1000 superworms for Critter

The waxworms, phoenix worms, and hornworms (yes, the same hornworms that decimate tomato plants... ah, revenge...) came in tidy little tubs.  The superworms came in a bag, and we provide the container, which is just a shoebox-size plastic container with a couple inches of oatmeal in the bottom.

I've got to say, 1000 superworms is really a lot.

1000 superworms for Critter

Really, really, a lot.  Good thing they keep a long time.

Yeah, I think we should be set for a while.

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