Friday, June 24, 2016

And finally, the last amaryllis for the year

Amaryllis number thirteen opened yesterday, and is named Picotee.

Picotee amaryllis

This is another new one to me this year, and is so pretty.  It's very elegant and tailored looking, with that fine line of red piping around all the edges.

Picotee amaryllis

Three of the four buds on the first scape are open, and the second scape with four buds isn't far behind.  This is going to be another crowded bouquet, since the scapes are almost the same height.

It's nice to end the amaryllis display for the year on such a lovely note.  I have five other bulbs that didn't bloom this year, either because they were recuperating from apparently less-than-optimal care last year (two Red Lions), or were new to me this year and stressed from transit (Apple Blossom, Elvas, Green Dragon).  Hopefully they will have a great vacation outside over the summer to recuperate, grow lots of leaves and roots, and be ready to bloom next year.

So there it is, the full scope of my amaryllis collection.  Eighteen.  Yikes.  I had four bulbs last summer.

A total of thirteen bulbs bloomed for me this year, five didn't.  Four of the thirteen were mislabeled varieties, but I didn't already have them, so it's all good.  I had a total of 27 scapes, carrying a grand total of 108 flowers.

Except for two weeks at the end of January (between Minerva and Dancing Queen) I've had amaryllis flowers continuously since mid-January. The Picotee will probably last another two weeks or so, which means that I've had blooms for almost six months.

Amaryllis are so gratifying.

2016 Amaryllis


Rachel said...

so so pretty. This last one is pretty striking with just the subtle red outline around the petals (how cool is that!) and that gorgeous green center. I think my favorites are the Purple Rain and the Blossom Peacock...

Anonymous said...

Oh, how gorgeous! I could get used to having one of the Picotee around from time to time...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

--Jean Marie