Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dear Weather,

I was very excited that I had tomatoes appearing in June. Very, very excited. You got off to a nice warm start this summer, which was good for the tomatoes, so thank you.

However. That cold snap last week, with night time temperatures down into the low 30s and days in the 50s? No thank you, that is not the way to get tomatoes to ripen. Also, I had to close my bedroom window and put not only the quilt but the down comforter back on my bed, because I refuse to turn the furnace back on in June.

Plus, what was with the violent hailstorm last week, which ripped holes in my grape leaves, tomatoes, hostas, and the lovely giant delphinium I had bought two days prior? Not cool, Weather, not cool at all.

So it appears that you, Weather, are being flighty and capricious as per usual in eastern Oregon. I see that you are planning to warm up again over the next week or so. Please stick to that plan. I need a tomato.

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