Monday, June 20, 2016

So, ummm, yeah.

I am not to be trusted anywhere that sells plants.

Phal. Liu’s Triprince

This pretty white mini-phalaenopsis is Phal. Liu’s Triprince.

Phal. Liu’s Triprince

And this pretty orange stripy mini-phal is Dtps. Chingruey's Goldstaff.

Dtps. Chingruey's Goldstaff

I couldn't decide which one was prettier, sooo....

Dtps. Chingruey's Goldstaff

We went to the store for toilet paper and toothpaste, and somehow I ended up with two new orchids.  I don't even know how this happens.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

You don't know how this happens. HA. HA HA.

I do. ;)

And yet, I so want some orchids. But I refuse until I'm home full time. I trust that when that times comes, you will have done all the research so you can tell me exactly what to get. there's your justification. you are welcome. ;)