Thursday, October 20, 2016

America, please. Really.

OK, I just have to say this.  I'll preface it by stating that I don't enjoy politics, but I do think that being informed is important.  And unfortunately, that means that listening to politicians talk is sometimes necessary.

American voters, please use your brains.

When I watched the presidential candidates debate last night, I kept a running list of notes to myself on how each of them was responding and what they were saying.

Here's the gist of my list for Clinton:
  • On topic
  • On topic
  • Intelligent response to a tangent instigated by Trump
  • On topic
  • Comparison of her experience vs his: Public service vs shady business and frivolous TV shows.
  • Unity. Diversity. Empowerment.
  • He denies responsibility for his actions and statements.
  • He has a pattern of divisiveness.
  • On topic
  • On topic. Statement of semi-attainable goals and path.
  • Visibly frustrated with his rhetoric
  • On topic, some redirection
  • On topic
  • Closing statement: I work for children and families. Unity. Progress. I will work for America and together we will rise to where we should be.

And here's the gist of my list for Trump:
  • No, you’re the puppet.
  • Whine
  • All these people endorse me because I’m great, and they’ve never endorsed someone this early before so that makes me even greater!
  • You’re a liar
  • Her plan is a disaster
  • [adjusts microphone]
  • Drugs, criminals… Pouring across the border…
  • I heard your current question but here’s some more response to what we were talking about 10 minutes ago
  • [adjusts microphone]
  • That question is something that I heard something about sometime, but here’s a convoluted and unintelligible series of phases that try to confuse you so that you don’t realize I don’t actually understand the topic.
  • Everything is a disaster now because of her and Obama
  • [adjusts microphone]
  • She totally lied. I was right.
  • "Excuse me. My turn." No one is allowed to interrupt me.
  • Squinty smirk.
  • She gave us ISIS.
  • I don’t know those women. Those stories are all totally false and Hillary put them up to it.
  • Nobody has more respect for women than I do.
  • [adjusts microphone for the thousandth time]
  • Moderator: Will you accept the results of the election? Donald: I’ll look at it at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense. Hillary should not be allowed to run.
  • "Wrong. Wrong." Sigh. Heavy sigh. Squinty grimace. Whine.
  • Syrian refugees are definitely aligned with ISIS
  • Such a nasty woman.
  • Closing statement: Hillary is a disaster. America is a disaster. I'll make America great again. Hillary is awful.

My favorite line from the debate, though? When the moderator said "Mr. Trump, I’m not a potted plant here. I would like to ask some questions and I would like to ask you this direct question."  That was priceless.

Publicly endorsing a political candidate is not something that I've ever done, but I think it's pretty clear from those lists which way I'm voting this time around. There are things about Clinton that disturb me, and there have been for decades, but few (if any) redeeming characteristics that I can see for Trump. I'm still in shock that he actually won the candidacy.

This goes beyond just me personally not agreeing with a platform or policies or a candidate's opinion on a hot-button issue. This is an issue of character and integrity and morals. This is a fundamental, gut-level fear of what will happen if Trump is elected.

I debated posting this rant at all, but I needed to say it.

So I ask you, America. Please please please think before you vote.

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