Saturday, October 08, 2016

Spinzilla Day 6

Whew.  I spun for 17 hours today.

Spinzilla Day 6

This is 4.1 oz of merino singles, 3 oz of BamHuey "Olive Branch" singles, 3 oz of BamHuey "Katarina's Crystals" singles, and 4 oz of Fiber Optic merino/bamboo "Catamaran" ridiculously fine 2-ply.

I love my fast wheel.

Tomorrow is the last day, and I'll probably be plying all day.  I think I have 12 cakes of singles.

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Rachel said...

Crazy ridiculous. Looks like I'll be home the night of the 13th...still have to make sure a couple things fall in place before knowing for sure but probably....