Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Southern Africa in my basement

Today I have two more very cool succulents blooming under the lights in the basement.  Both of these are native to southern Africa.  Southern Africa has very interesting plants.

This first one is Pleiospilos nelii.  I've shown this species before, when one of the other plants in my round planter was in bud.  This is a different individual, but the flowers are the same.  They're only open during the day, so I missed seeing that first one in October fully open.  As you can see, I almost missed this one- I hope the next one blooms on the weekend!

Pleiospilos nelii

I'm apparently unable to resist "rescuing" these when I see them in a store, because I know that more than likely they'll be overwatered, rot, and die a horrible tragic mushy death if I leave them there. They're such cute plants that I just can't let that happen.  That's why I have... umm... I think... eight of them?  Ha, oh well!

Next up is Faucaria tigrina.  It's also in the Mesambryanthemacea family, along with Pleiospilos nelii, living stones (Lithops), and many others.  This one has little alligator-jaw leaves, with soft teeth along the edges.  It looks very fierce.

Faucaria tigrina

Plants are so much fun.

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