Thursday, January 12, 2017


Amaryllis number five for the year is Evergreen.

Amarylis 'Evergreen'

This is the first green amaryllis I've ever bloomed.  I do have another, Green Dragon, that I got last year, but it was a very small bulb and hasn't bloomed for me yet.

This one was a request from Emma, who was enchanted at the thought of a green flower. And it really is green!  Sort of a pale chartreuse lime, shading to darker in the middle. Very pretty.

This is one of the Cybister varieties of amaryllis so the flowers are fairly small, about 4 inches in diameter.  However, there are nine (NINE!) flowers on this scape, and another scape on the way.

I like it very much.  I'm a little worried about the bulb, though, because it hasn't grown any roots yet and two floriferous scapes is a lot of stress on an unrooted bulb.  Depending on how much the bulb shrivels, I may cut off the second scape to let it recover.

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Rachel said...

i really like this one. never seen a green flower like them. Tell Em she did good picking it out!