Monday, January 09, 2017

Curtain progress

Still going on the hardanger curtain!  I finished quite a bit over the weekend as I hunkered down during the blizzard.

hardanger curtain in progress

As you can see, I basted in some temporary guidelines to help with the counting on that upper row of zigzags.  It's all too easy to get a thread or two off when you're working at a distance from the row below, and unless everything lines up perfectly exactly, you're in trouble and just have to pick it out and start over.  In the cut-out areas of hardanger, there is no "almost right."

So the hour and a half it took to put in those basting lines and double check that they followed the exact same thread all the way across the curtain was time well spent.  Now I can do the second row of kloster blocks and the eyelets, with no worries that things will be cattywompus when I get to the cutting-out part.

And just for a reference scale, here's how big the curtain is!  (With a little extra fabric around the edges, of course.)

hardanger curtain in progress

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