Monday, January 02, 2017

Remember this?

Way, way back in 2015, I started making hardanger curtains for my bedroom.  I had to go back into my blog archive to see when I last updated this project. It was March 2015, and I had just finished the bottom row of klosters and eyelets.

That was a long time ago.

I worked on it off and on for the rest of 2015, but then abandoned it.  I made a counting mistake and had to pick out a lot of work, and I just got bogged down and frustrated with myself.  Things weren't lining up properly and I kept making mistakes while trying to fix it.  I put it aside with only that bottom row and about half of the matching second row done.

But on December 22, 2016, after nearly a year's break, I picked it up again!  I fixed the mistake (without making more mistakes this time!) and am currently cruising along again. This doesn't look like much progress, but when you consider that the curtain is 46 inches wide, and this is 32-count fabric, each row takes a lo-o-o-o-ng time to finish.

Hardanger curtain progress!


Anne said...

Beautiful! You might inspire me to start the tiny hardanger project I bought in Norway...because I don't have enough projects yet😳

Rachel said...

Glad to see you are picking this back up again!! Hope your wrist tolerates it this time (or arm?). Looking forward to seeing your progress on it. (and time flies doesn't it...)