Friday, January 06, 2017

Truth in Dreams

I spent all of last night dreaming about trying to do impossible things.

I was trying to run upstairs but the stairs never ended.

I was trying to put grubs in a bag and tie it closed to take home (not as weird as it seems, I have a bearded dragon who eats grubs), but the grubs kept multiplying so fast that they filled the bag and overflowed before I could tie it shut. I had to keep getting bigger and bigger bags but they just kept multiplying faster and I couldn't keep up. If I could have just tied the bag they would have stopped multiplying, but I couldn't get ahead of them.

I had to pick up Emma from school but I was on a work trip and didn't have enough time to get back to La Grande before school was out. I kept trying to calculate the travel time but the clock was running too fast, ticking over one minute every second.

I was trying to shovel the driveway but it kept getting snowed in again right behind me.

I was washing dishes but more and more kept appearing on the counter.

I was trying to count the pretty pebbles we found at the beach in August, but I kept spilling the jar and having to start over.

I was hiking and every time I got to the crest of the ridge and thought I was at the top of the mountain, there was another slope up in front of me.

I don't usually remember my dreams this clearly, at least not so many per night. Twice during the night I woke up gasping for breath and drenched in sweat. I was exhausted this morning when I finally got up.

You think I'm maybe feeling a little overwhelmed by life at the moment?

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Anne said...

Just a bit😳