Saturday, April 01, 2017

Queen of Night

Amaryllis number 19 is called Queen of Night.

Amaryllis Queen of Night

I bought a bunch of red varieties of amaryllis last fall, because I like red ones and am on a quest to find "The Best Red One."  One that has big flowers that are dark, dark red.

Amaryllis Queen of Night

So far in my informal survey of the solid reds, I've seen Red Lion, Red Pearl, the NOID red that was supposed to be Hercules (which is probably Red Lion), and Queen of Night.

Amaryllis Queen of Night

Queen of Night is very pretty, with it's velvety red ruffly flowers.  I like it and it's a keeper.

Amaryllis Queen of Night

But I don't think it's The Best Red One.  So far Red Pearl is still ahead as my favorite... but I have buds almost open on Grand Diva, and they are looking very, very dark.  Maybe open tomorrow or Monday!

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Unknown said...

What a yummy red, tho' - even if it's not 'The red' ...