Monday, May 22, 2017

Gervase #1 and Picotee

Up today are two amaryllis, both rebloomers from last year.

Amaryllis #29 for the year is Gervase #1.  This variety is known for its random streaks of red over a pink background.  The amount of red streaking can vary wildly between blooms on a single stalk, and on the same bulb between years.

This exact bulb bloomed out much redder this year than last year.  Here's the first flower this year:

Amaryllis Gervase #1

And here's the second flower on the same scape this year.


Such variety!  I like the single solid red petal.  So jaunty.

Amaryllis #30 for the year is Picotee.  Unlike the Gervase, this one has less red than last year.  The thin red piping around the edges of the petals is there, but much thinner this time.  The petals are also narrower this year.


Both these bulbs only put up one scape this year, and only two flowers on the scape.  While somewhat disappointing, it wasn't unexpected.  Gervase had three big scapes last year, and Picotee had two.  Blooming that much on newly-shipped bulbs without roots takes a significant toll, and it can take a while to build up their reserves.  I expect that next year will be better.

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